Women’s Basketball

France and Turkey’s Women’s teams to compete

Both the women’s basketball teams of two countries are looking to make their countries proud. The women’s basketball teams of France and Turkey are aiming for the top prize in an upcoming basketball match between the two countries. The two teams are set to play against each other in the summer Rio Olympics. Both teams are going to have a good chance of facing against each other in the Olympic basketball match, as the many sports analysts say that there are many skilled players on both teams. And both of the French and Turkey basketball teams have been training hard for the upcoming Summer Olympics basketball games.

The two countries have also had a hard year as well. France and Turkey have had to endure numerous terrorists and extremists attacks in the past year alone. Deadly terrorist attacks have been regular occurrences in Turkey and in France. And Turkey, itself is still fresh from a failed coup that was described as bloody. Despite, all of the trials that the two countries have faced in the past, their women’s basketball teams are determined to bring home the gold medal to their countries. The women on both teams have said that being at the Summer Olympics has been a respite to all of them. And they want a show to the world that their countries have got a united front when it comes to facing against all of the terror threats to their country.

Players on both teams have stated that the Summer Olympics will bring hope to their countries. Isabelle Yacoub’s, who plays the center position for the French team, has said that she hopes that the Olympics can bring people together. Many French people will be able to get enjoyment from all of the troubles that they have faced in the past if they tune in to watch the Summer Olympics. Yacuobou wants her basketball team to play to help people forget the bad moments in the past year.

Yacoubou has stated that she is excited to face off against the Turkish Women’s team. She has said that it is special that they would be facing off against each other in the first rounds of the Women’s Basketball matches at the Summer Olympics. In the past year, the two countries have had similar experiences with terror threats and domestic terrorist attacks to their country. She hopes that the two women’s teams playing their best against each other in a basketball game will show off the united front that the two countries have. The first game that the two teams will play will be held this coming Saturday. And the French team is already eagerly anticipating their first match.

The French team is planning to proudly stand together before the match begins. It has become traditional in basketball matches at the Olympics to play the National Anthem of each Country before a match begins. The French team is planning to interlock their arms together, prior to the basketball match.