Did your wireless router just pack up for some reason you do not understand? Are you tired of consulting the never-ending wireless routers review? Or perhaps you just got a very fast internet access and you are in need of a burlier device for all those most stream music, movies and every other thing that require internet access. Fortunately, this article is just about right for you, the article is centered on giving you some pointers of perhaps hints on looking for the right gadgets and where you should visit.

At this point, where is the right place to start? What is a wireless router and why do you actually need one in your office or home? This is not an aspect of rocket science – a wireless router allows you to connect to the internet through a broadband internet connection on your PC, laptop, iPod, Mac, Wii, PS3, iPod and whatever you have that can supports internet connectivity.

A basic measure is that the features that a wireless router offers, the more expensive it becomes for purchase. At the bottom line, if you have a laptop with probably 802.11b or g wireless card, which implies that it is 3 years old or older, then you will require having a basic wireless router. For instance, Tenda Wireless-N150 could be an ideal option to opt for with a b or g connectivity powered on.

Older 801.11g and 802.11b devices make use of 2.4GHz wireless bandwidth while the newer model which is the 801.11n makes use of both the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz bands – The 5Ghz is a lot better for throughput-intensive networking such as movie streaming or gaming.

Your somewhat basic laptop will not really benefit much from a sophisticated wireless router but it can sure get away with a single band 2.43GHz N router, reasons being that it is backward compatible. Nonetheless, if perchance you have a new laptop, opting for one that can accommodate both bands is the best option. On the other hand, if you have an iPad, Mac, etc. opting for an Apple router is recommended.