Most people keep their memories, all their whole lives, activities and some other eventful things packed into their mobile phone, and it can easily be misplaced, isn’t it? Anyway, this is something to be worried about because there are few solutions. It is quite easy to track phone location, and it comes at no cost, and with the use of the right handy orten app for the right devices, you can spot a mobile phone location within a short period without paying a dime, whether it’s misplaced or lost. If you had experienced Nomophobia, then this article is made for you to help locate a cell phone for free.

How to spot the location of an iPhone for free via Find My iPhone

The fear of misplacing an iPhone is undoubtedly the most severe one. Probably because the phone is costly, and there is no other phone that can compete with Apple devices.  So if you misplaced an iPhone, you are left with no option but to gather money and purchase another outrageously overpriced iPhone, even if you can barely afford it! So our main purpose is to give you the solution to douse this tension. It is quite easy to spot the location of iPhone for free via the Find My iPhone app. This app is designed to help users of iPhone track or locate their phone when misplaced or stolen.

How to spot the location of a Samsung phone for free

It is quite easy to track Samsung phone location, and it is a simple and straightforward process. In fact, it has the same features and procedures similar to the iPhone. For most Android devices, the first thing to do is to install a distinct mobile phone app to help spot the location of the phone for free. But Samsung Galaxy is designed with its personalized in-built feature known as Find My Mobile which is used for tracking the device location for free with the use of a Samsung Account. In case you didn’t peruse through the previous part, they are listed below.

Features of Find My Mobile:

  • Tracking of GPS.
  • Locking the phone remotely.
  • Gives out a siren signal to keep people at alert.
  • Wipe out the device.