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Things to look forward to in Wizards vs. Celtics Game

The second round series of the 2017 National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs will be held this coming Wednesday. This will be the second game between the Boston Celtics and the Washington Wizards. And this will be the overall 5th game that will happen in this year’s playoff. In the previous game, the Celtics and Wizards had a 2-2 tie. So this 5th game series hopefully will be the one that will be the tie-breaker. Both of the teams will battle it out to see which one will qualify for the NBA playoffs this year. The 5th game series will be held at the TD Garden arena. This is the multi-purpose arena that has been the site of many legendary NBA playoff matches. Viewers can tune into TNT to get some pregame coverage, that begins an hour before the game is to be held. The game is also going to be live streamed as well. The 5th game is scheduled to begin this Wednesday night at 8 pm.

Scott Brooks, the coach of the Washington Wizards, has said that the 5th game is a really important one for the whole team. Brooks has said that his team better win the match, as there is a lot riding on this single basketball game. A lot of fans who are watching the NBA playoff series will immediately pick the winner of the 5th game as their favorite to win the NBA playoff series. Brooks has been training his players hard for this match.

A win for the Washington Wizards would mean that they will be the first to come in the 6th game NBA playoff series. The Wizards have not yet lost a game on their home court. Currently, the Wizards have got a winning streak of 5 wins to 0 losses; this 5-0 puts them in a really good position for this year’s NBA playoff. And a 6-0 win streak would put them in an even better position to play for the series. However, the Wizards have not won in the Boston arena, since 2014. So this could be a difficult place for them to win at.

A top player for the Wizards is set to return to the team after being suspended for the past few games. In the previous Game 4 of the playoffs, the Wizards had to make do without the presence of Oubre on their team. Kelly Oubre had been suspended for a shove at another player during Game 3. However, even without the presence of Oubre in their team, the Wizards managed to beat the opposing Celtics by as much as 19 points. So Oubre may not factor in so much in the next game against the Celtics as well.

Oubre is going to be brought back into rotation for the Game 5 of the playoff. But he has been out of the court for at least 1 game in the series. So he may need more time to warm up. It may not be such a great decision to bring him back, especially for such an important game, where a lot is riding on getting a win for the Wizards.