Kik Messenger is considered as one of the most commonly used messaging applications around the globe (check the rest of the apps here). Like the other related apps, Kiks make use of the social interaction to stay on top, so it is wise to know how to identify new Kik friends, especially if you are a newbie and have been unable to make new friends on this app or none of your loved ones or friends are using it. Fortunately, the usernamesfinder website offers some simple ways to achieve your targets.

The first on the list is an inbuilt feature on Android and iOS that gives you access to display your Kik profile on different social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and a host of others. This will serve as a platform to make your friends aware that you are registered on Kik, but might even propel them to join the platform if they are yet to register. If you wish to share your profile, all you need to do is to proceed to the settings and tap on the option displaying Share Your Profile, and you will see them highlighted at the screen bottom. Now select the social platform you want to share your profile to, and you are on the right path to getting some new Kik friends.

To get a more “irregular chat” experience, you can opt for Kik Cards that will give you the opportunity to meet new people all around the globe. Simply click on the “globe” logo displayed on your chat window and search with the use of words like “social” or “chat.” Always remember that this is only meant for iOS and Android users; we are however hopeful that Windows 10’s iOS code compatibility will propel Kik to also introduce this feature on Windows Phone.

Of course, there are numerous ways of locating new kik friends. Majority of Kik users prefer to list their Kik account profile on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Endeavour to consider the factors highlighted above and make an informed decision.