Most times people tend to choose t-shirts for fans and customers, or for people who can be classified as belonging to the same group as them, such as sports team members, colleagues in a company, event staffers, and so on. The advantages of t-shirts from Teesnow will largely depend on what they are used for, so let’s check out the two major options.

Why are Promotional T-Shirts Needed?

When you use t-shirts for marketing, you intuitively get your message across because in any case, everybody wears t-shirts. But how effective is promotional t-shirts for marketing?

Finding statistics for t-shirt marketing can be extremely difficult, largely due to the fact that whether a t-shirt marketing campaign is successful or not depends on the organization and how the t-shirts are distributed.

T-shirt marketing that works will allow you to project your brand to thousands of potential clients. This creates trust because people are a lot more likely to have interest in a brand that is popular. For the average company or organization, you give or sell a t-shirt to your customer and if your customer wears that t-shirt on 5 days in a year, how many people do you reckon will see that customer on those days? We would say 100 or more depending on whether your customer lives in a rural area or an urban area.

Why Uniforms are Important to an Organization

What if you decide to use t-shirts for your group members or employees? Conventional wisdom says that uniforms can affect the attitude of these sets of people. This is something we’ve all experienced at one point or the other; wearing similar clothes identifies us as one of the group, which automatically translates to more loyalty to that group.

And additionally, everybody will instantly be able to identify your employees or members. This is convenient for a lot of businesses and organizations, but undeniably critical for summer camp counsellors and event staff. And, if perchance your job means you’ll be outside a lot more during the summer months, t-shirts are definitely more comfortable than other types of uniforms.

Getting the Perfect Custom T-shirt Design

When we talk about custom t-shirt design, you’re absolutely not limited by the limits of your imagination. In any case, there’s always the possibility of using someone else’s imagination to your advantage. Whether you’re getting somebody else to design the t-shirt or you’re doing the designs yourself, there are numerous t-shirt design layout guidelines to consider in the course of every design process.

Imagine somebody walks up to you to help them design a t-shirt for a kindergarten Easter egg hunt or a heavy metal band, stating that they are undecided yet. That would be simply preposterous because every t-shirt has to be designed with an end user in mind. This may appear instinctive, but one of t-shirt design’s most prevalent pitfalls is someone deciding that they want custom t-shirts without a clear indication of who the t-shirts are for.