At basketnews, we have made an art out of identifying, predicting, monitoring, and sizing up basketball players. This is no different from what professional sports scouts do. There’s a lot of attention to detail, forecasting, and comparison involved.

Interestingly enough, the skill sets we have managed to develop with basketball talent scouting actually applies to product selection as well. In fact, these skills pay off tremendously for any kind of activity that requires selection. Make no mistake, find the best solar attic fans is no walk in the part. It really isn’t. Why? A lot of these products look, perform, and are marketed in a very generic way. It is as if the manufacturers of these appliances used some sort of template. Maybe they copied and pasted design specifications and blueprints. Too many of these products just look too similar and with similar qualities and outcomes. Talk about generic. Talk about forgettable.

Well, if you are going to be spending some of your hard earned money on solar attic fans, you need the right method for telling them apart. And you need to figure this out quickly. Otherwise, you will quickly find out-in the hardest way possible-that there is no such thing as a generic product. Sure, we have a generic attitude where we think that if we’ve seen one solar attic fan, we have seen all solar attic fans. But this attitude will get the best of us time and time again unless we are careful. This attitude is a one way ticket to seeing your money go up in smoke. Since money does not grow on trees, it’s a good idea to size up solar attic fans the right way. You need to do this quickly. You probably don’t dwell on the product review sites you visit. Like most other consumers who don’t have the luxury of time, you probably would rather quickly scan to the parts of the review that make the most sense, compare this information with others, and quickly make your decision. Fair enough. Please note the following decision points.

When looking for the very best in solar attic fans, you have to realize that the ‘best’ is situational and contextual. Whose context? Whose situation should matter the most in your selection process? Of course, it is your specific situation and context. Forget about your friends and family members’ recommendations because their situation might not be the same as yours. Chances are good that their usage context might be completely different from yours. We are talking about a 180 degree difference. Focus on what you will use the fans for, how much space you have to work with, how hot your place gets, the whole nine yards. You have to think along these lines. Otherwise, you run the risk of making a decision while overlooking a very important detail which might actually play a very big role in whether you buy the right piece of cooling equipment to properly handle the right room in the most optimal way to produce the right results. A little bit of advanced planning can go a long way.