If you are in the market for canopy tents, you are probably going to be searching a lot of websites.   You probably are going to be asking around on Facebook or Twitter.  These are all well and good but unless you know what you’re doing, chances are you’ll end up with the wrong product.  That’s right.

Chances are quite high that the kind of product you’ll end up with is probably not going to be any better than the tent you would have bought if you didn’t seek assistance.

This sounds discouraging.  It definitely sounds sobering, but this is the reality.  It’s one thing to ask for help; it’s another to actually benefit from it.  These are two totally different things.

Unfortunately, a lot of people think that as long as somebody somehow, someway recommends some sort of product to them, they are good to go.  After all, the person that recommended will lose a lot of face of will be embarrassed by giving people the bum steer.  They think that this person values their reputation.

Well, that is not too much of an assumption to make, but assuming that they actually do believe in protecting their reputation and they gave you their best recommendation, that is still not good enough.  Why?  They have different uses for the product.  Their situation may be different.  Since they are

dealing with a different set of circumstances, do you think that their recommendation would make sense in your particular situation?

This is why you need to read canopy tent reviews the right way.  You need to look at them based on the features and benefits that are being discussed and tie these to your particular situation.  What kind of circumstances are you going to be using the canopy tent in?  How often do you travel?  What kind of settings are you going to be putting up the tent in?  Are you okay with heavy packages?  How big is your storage area? How much foot traffic do you expect the shaded or covered area will have in the short term or long term?

There are so many questions that you need to ask.  All these questions must really flesh out and identify your unique set of circumstances.  Otherwise, you’re just going to be making the wrong decisions.  You’re going to make the wrong call over and over again because you did not use these canopy tent reviews the way they’re supposed to be used.

They are supposed to be informative.  They’re supposed to help you make a truly informed decision.   Unfortunately, getting all excited because a seemingly reputable website highly recommends one particular product over another, it doesn’t mean that you’re making the right decision.  That’s not going to cut it.  You have to be more proactive.

These reviews, as awesome as they are, are just your starting point.  You need to know how to read them properly.  You have to read between the lines.  Most importantly, you have to tie whatever information you get and filer them based on the facts or your situations as you understand them.