A portable ice maker is appropriate whenever ice from your conventional freezer is exhausted. If you’re having an open house, have guest over, or play host to large house parties and don’t have a dependable ice maker in the fridge. The Portable Ice Maker (PIM) would keep the supply of ice running rather than have someone run to get a bag from the gas station in a bid to keep up with demand. Apart from portable ice maker reviews, we offer you a guide to buying the best portable ice maker


While this may appear to be a no-brainer price is something to consider at all times when we rank and when you purchase your portable ice maker. When we examine the cost in our rankings, we do not just opt for the lower dollar amount but we take a look at how much you’re spending in comparison to how much you get which this guide refers to as value. It makes no much sense to purchase $100 ice maker that doesn’t last more than a year as opposed to a $300 model that would serve for seven years. The value is a lot better on the $300 unit.


How much ice could the ice maker produce in a 24-hour period? On the normal ice, ice makers could make from 20 to 25 pounds of ice, while high-end models could make 50 pounds of ice on a daily basis. Identifying your needs as well as the capabilities of the portable ice maker are important in making the decision on whether the capacity suits your needs or not.

Cycle Time

The cycle time for each batch of ice is normally between 8 to 12 minutes. Some portable ice makers could produce more than they could contain thus making it vital to know how much time you will wait for each batch of ice. It’s intriguing to note that makers calculate cycle time from the time the button is pressed to begin the cycle. It doesn’t include the process to get your machine ready.