National Basketball

VitalisChikoko sidelined due to injury

Top player of the LigueNationale de Basket (LNB), VitalisChikoko, will face another lengthy period on the sidelines, as he gets injured again. The Zimbabwean-based French player is going to have to be put on the sidelines this Pro A season, as an injury will mean that he cannot play for this team on the LNB, regularly. He was playing for the club Élan Béarnais Pau-Orthez when he suffered a painful and serious injury to his foot. This incident happened last Monday night. The club has stated that the injuries will take a few weeks to fully heal and that doctors recommend that Chikoko, will have to rest his foot for several months as well.

The game that Chikoko played at was won by a slim margin. Chikoko fractured the bones of his foot, while he was playing overtime for his team. His team managed to beat their rivals by a slim margin, of a 93 to 92 score. The team managed to snatch the victory away from the rival team, Olympique Antibes. The overtime match was when Chikoko accidentally fell and landed on his foot wrong. This is the cause for the serious fracture that Chikoko has in his foot.

The season at the LNB is the first season that VitalisChikoko has been playing for his team. The debut season of Chikoko in the LNB this year has been described as a dream season for him. His performance in the past few months has been described as strong. As a skilled basketball player, Chikoko has won many basketball games for his club. So this foot injury could set back his career. He is only 26 years old. He may recover yet, so a foot fracture injury may not be such a huge setback for this star basketball player.

He had scored 21 points for his team during the overtime game. He even had scored six rebounds during the basketball game against the other team. An opposing player from the other team had accidentally stepped on Chikoko’s right foot. This was just right after he had claimed another rebound shot for his team. He then tripped and then fractured a part of his foot, rendering hum unable to continue playing for the rest of the basketball game.  Chiko will need to be sidelined for at least three weeks before he can safely play again.

The star player for the Élan Béarnais Pau-Orthez club could hurt their chances of being able to qualify for further playoff matches. The club was riding on the skills of the Zimbabwe player to get them the victories that they needed to qualify for their playoffs. This basketball club may not be able to win any future matches, due to their star player being sidelined. The basketball club has reshuffled their team, to fit Chikoko’s center position. They still have to win several matches against other LNB teams. No word yet has been released, for which player will replace the center position for the team.