The postpartum girdle is also referred as a belly binder, belly wrap, or belly band. Regardless of what you call it, they all perform the same function. They can be described as an abdominal binder that helps newly delivered mothers in the early stages. If you decide to acquire a postpartum belly wrap, but you don’t know the particular type to opt for, the Momming blog recently did a review of C-section belly bands so you can read that to help you determine the best option to go for.

Firstly, what are the benefits of using a postpartum belly wrap? As we analyzed this detail, we discovered that belly wraps are not just an innovation but has been used to provide abdominal support and have also helped mothers get a good posture and solve issues associated with post-delivery.

How to Select the Best Postpartum Belly Wrap

There are numerous models/brands of this product to select from. So it is quite easy to pick the best postpartum belly wrap. However, there are some critical factors to take into consideration while making your decision.

Comfort – Because you will be putting on the belly wrap for the whole day (and it may last up to one month or even longer), avoid getting one that will cause skin irritation or itches when you put it on.

Wear-ability and Invisibility – The fact is that you will put on this product underneath your clothes, so it is wise that you acquire one that is completely hidden under your attire. Also, it must be comfortable for you, and you must be able to put it on and take it off with ease. There is also the tendency of the belly wraps slipping down as you move around performing your daily routine.

Quality and Effectiveness – Though what works for an individual may not work for you, it is advisable that you carry out some comprehensive research on what kinds of this product are available and peruse through other mothers’ reviews on the Momming blog to get the best one. Endeavour to select the one that suits your needs and budgets.