One of the main elements that make basketball such a pleasure to watch is the fast break. You don’t have to worry about players standing around and trying to figure out what’s going on until somebody scores.   In other words, you don’t have to wait for results, not like soccer.

I don’t know if you have ever suffered through a soccer game, but it’s like pulling teeth.  It’s as if people are waiting around for a ridiculously long period of time and a whole bunch of nothing happens.   It’s not so much with basketball thanks to the fast break.

Well, if you are a real estate investor, you also want the investment version of a fast break.  You don’t want to put your money in any real estate property and wait for values to go up.  In fact, if you invest in the wrong market, you can be waiting for decades for you to get a healthy return on investments.

You have to understand that opportunity costs are real.  You’re actually losing money when you buy stocks or real estate that maintains its value for a ridiculously long period of time.  In other words,  when you’re tracking or charting the price of the asset, it drifts sideways.  It doesn’t go up; it doesn’t go down.  It only goes sideways.

Now, you might be thinking that at least it retained its value, but what if you invest that same amount of money in another asset?  What if that asset depreciates 10% to 20% year after year?  The picture becomes clear at this point.  You’ve wasted your money because they asset that you bought into is drifting sideways.

Well, thankfully you won’t have this headache if you buy at Rivercove condominiums.  Rivercove is one of the hottest property developments in Southeast Asia.  Based in Singapore, Rivercove makes all of cosmopolitan Singapore accessible to you.

This is not an exaggeration.  It’s so centrally located that you can pretty much access everything the city-state has to offer.  If you’re big into shopping if you’re big into the financial district if you’re big into all the high culture that Singapore packs, everything is available to you.  Getting the best of what the lion city-state has to offer is downright easy.

And the best part is that the value of the River Cove units are very dynamic.  It’s easy to see why because a lot of investors all over the world are buying up Singaporean real estate.  A lot of multi-national companies are sending their executives and top-level employees to real estate.  This has a  combined effect of lease rates going through the roof.

So if you are worried about your investment in a River Cove unit showing a healthy return on investment, worry no more.  You can bet that this unit will deliver the kind of investment version of a  basketball fast break that you won’t get with other investments.

You don’t have to worry about the value of this asset drifting sideways for a ridiculously long period of time.  If you are serious about an asset value fast break, check out Rivercove in Singapore.