Nowadays, online marketing is the key to promote your business. SEO is one of the common ways of enhancing the online presence. In Sydney, most of the businesses are now going online and are looking for experts who can help them in boosting their business online and making an online presence. They can contact the SEO expert in Australia to mark their presence online. The experts will first analyze the business requirements and then plan a strategy so that they can get the best results.

How to make the website user-friendly?

Make URLs of websites user-friendly

The URL of your website should be friendly for the users as well as for the SEO process. The URL should be unique and readable by the search engines. A proper URL tells the search engine about the content that is available on the page and hence when any search is made the search engine lists the URL thus offering your website a good rank. Don’t make your URL too complex; make it simple. If you need to break the words then hyphens are much better as compared to underscores.

Make website XML sitemap

When the search engine crawls your website then it should easily understand the structure of the website. The Peter Ngo SEO expert creates XML sitemap of your website which makes it easier to understand the structure of the website for the search engine. When Google reads your data then you will get the report about the most important pages of your website to which you can give more priority.

Make the images optimized by the SEO

Most people focus on the text of their websites but the images also play an important role in the optimization process. If you want to get high rank on the search engine pages then also optimize the images of your website. Make sure that the images that you use on your website are of a small size as these load quickly and easily whereas large images take time in loading, which directly affects the ranking of your site.

Keywords placing

If you want to list your website on top then use the high ranking keywords at different places. Don’t forget any single area for the placement of your keyword and also use keywords for the images optimization. Use keywords in Meta description, bullet points, navigation, Meta tags or keywords, URLs, H123 tags, title, topics, slogans of the website etc. SEO experts use keywords in lots of different places, which help to get your site listed on the top of search engine pages.

Flash elements

There are many people who think that adding flash elements will catch the attention of the readers. But it is not the fact. The flash pop-ups are highly distracting and are also devalued by the search engines. So, your website ranking might go down.

Improve the compatibility of your website with every device

Make your website compatible with all types of devices especially for mobile phones because nine out of ten people use mobile devices to access different websites. Users get comfortable and enjoy a great experience browsing on the mobile. You can use different tools to make your website responsive.