You’re already half-successful with any project when you have the right tools, whether it’s a large scale commercial project or minor repair works around the house. Having a utility belt, you have access to the supplies you need for an assignment to work with more comfort and at a faster rate. The best tool belt reviews on the damntools blog promise to assist you in choosing the best tool belt in the market to suit your needs.

Dewalt Dew175552

Dewalt is a popular American manufacturer for various hand and power tools, indoor and outdoor equipment, and accessories fabricated with the latest innovations and technologies. One thing about the product from Dewalt is that they are unanimously hailed for their quality. In addition, over the years, this brand has built its reputation, and its products sustain its symbol of excellence.

The tool belt from Dewalt is not an exception. The Dewalt DEW175552  is the more like the best tool belt in the market. It is without a doubt a smart tool rig system that features a multipurpose pouch for supplies and tools, a sturdy hammer holder, a handy drill holster, with all attached and fixed securely in a stiff PVC belt. It’s a very durable tool belt and it is fitted with a thick 2-pin buckle; the belt was specifically designed to accommodate heavy loads. The Dewalt DEW175552 features different pairs of holes that make it adjustable to put just about any waist up to about 100 cm.

Rolson Tools 68885

Jeans was originally designed for miners and cowboys, and it has widely used as work wear. We do not in any way claim that a tool belt will ever turn out as a fashion accessory. Nonetheless,  with the style of a lumberjack becoming a trend, who knows, but if you are not just concerned about just durability and functionality but also about style when acquiring work accessories, there is no way the leather tool belt from Rolson will go unnoticed.  Woodworkers, carpenters, and loggers, back at the beginning of the 20th century, made use of hand tools and most of the hand tools were heavy. This is the reason why most tool belt rigs were manufactured using tear-resistant and durable leather to carry heavy supplies and tools.

It is important you are aware of the fact that this belt offers a trendy vintage design that combines unmatched service and exceptional durability properties. The tool pouches and the belt attached to it are manufactured from genuine leather that cannot be poked by the sharp tools that you carry in the tools belt. For improved endurance, the pockets and pouches are attached using metal rivets. Also, there is no chance that a 5cm belt is seen to jam or twist, rather it is Known to distribute the load over the back and waist. The tools belt is fixed securely with a 2-pin steal buckle, and it can easily be adjusted to fit the waistline. The assembly features two medium size pockets, two large pouches, and six pockets for all types of essentials and tools, a scaffolding spanner holder, two hammer holders, and a tape pocket that is placed in between the pouches.