There has been no time in history when Gourmet cooking in homes was ever easy. Using the sous-vide cooking method, you are guaranteed to obtain the precise temperature for cooking your choice of food. This technique of cooking was reserved solely for professional kitchens. The methodology of the sous vide cooking involves immersing a vacuum-sealed food in a water bath and you patiently wait for it to cook at an even temperature. Recently, consumer devices are ensuring that this professional approach to cooking is available to just about anyone. Learn more from the Sous Vide Wizard about the best suvee cooker.

You will find some sous vide machines that are attached to pots just the same way you will find other machines that are self-contained water bath devices that are fabricated most especially for your vacuum sealed favorites.

Anova One

Anova Precision Cooker has got to be the ideal gadget for the home chef. Feedbacks from consumers give details on how it is very easy to use. It is lightweight and it can be linked to your smartphone, thus letting you cook any meal from the touch of a button at your convenience.

The Anova One, without doubt, is not outmatched by the Nimoku Sous Vide cooker, it still offers consumers similar precise control over a pot full of water for about $120 less. The device can be attached to your pot, all gat is required is that you fill the pot with water and you drop your vacuum-sealed food and have the desired temperature setting. It is worthy to mention that there is a special model for international buyers, which is the 220V version.

The touchscreen of the Anova one is quite easy to use compared to its counterpart in the market. It also holds the most consistent temperature. Consumers appreciate the fact that it has the most forgoing range between the maximum and minimum water level in your pot, thus making it very easy to cook food for a period without refilling. Reviews reveal that this is more like the best immersion cooker in the market and the Bluetooth version comes with the features listed below:

Bluetooth Features:

  • Your cooker can be controlled from another room.
  • 800 watts heats your water fast.
  • You can serve up to 8 people. Perfect for daily cooking.