One frequently asked question on forums is – What is the best heat transfer vinyl for fabrics? Even if you want to print your own t shirts or you’re creating custom t-shirts for your customers or your friends and family, it is important you know that whatever you print on the T-shirt will stay. The last thing anyone wants is a heat transfer vinyl that peels and comes off.

It takes lots of effort and time to create a design, weed and cut the vinyl, and have it pressed onto the fabric. You want the pressed design to last for long. One of the ways to ensure this is by using the best heat transfer vinyl. In this article, we will provide you with some of the factors that help to determine a good Vinyl from a mediocre vinyl.

The question now is – what is responsible for determining if a Vinyl is a good one or a bad one? And what differentiates the various heat transfer vinyl brands? Below you will find the factors that make a great HTV. It is important you are aware of the fact that Sister Heat transfer vinyl performs excellently in every aspect – that is why we are convinced it is the best among the options in the market.

  1. Cuttability: This might sound like one of those last-second made up words but what it implies is – how easy can the heat transfer vinyl be cut? An excellent heat transfer vinyl will cut easily in any cutting machine. The cutter easily manipulates the heat transfer vinyl with the help of a great backing sheet. There is no doubt that a cheap heat transfer vinyl will warp, tear or simply not cut well even following instructions.
  2. Weeding: How can you easily weed the heat transfer vinyl? This is one factor that makes much difference to just about anything. For instance, we have found that Sister Easy weed one if the best heat transfer vinyl that is easy to weed. On the other hand, Cricut vinyl is very difficult to weed, in the sense that it breaks/snaps while weeding. The Sister Easy weed with pull away easily.
  3. Heat Transfer Application Temperature: There are certain application temperatures. For some, it is higher, and for some other, it is lower. For instance, Siser EasyWeed application temperature is very low, thus making it responsible for its effect on fabrics. The higher the application temperature, the harder it is on the vinyl and the T-shirt.
  4. Heat Transfer Pressure: One other difference between the good and bad vinyl is the heat press pressure. This is somewhat similar to the heat transfer application temperature, in the sense that the less pressure for operation the better.
  5. Adhesion: A very good vinyl is less likely to peel around the edges and it its adhesion is better. All heat transfer vinyl ought to adhere and do what it is required to do, but there is less possibility for problems to arise for vinyl with good quality. If you are in the business of making t-shirts, it is important that you look out for ultimate adhesion.