If you are experiencing data loss, you will be familiar hard drives. You do not just understand their complexity, you get to understand how expensive it cost to get your data back in place. A point you will experience when customers ask the question – “Why does data recovery cost so much? I paid just $150 for my hard drive”. It is important to be aware that data recovery can be quite expensive. The answer to the question stated goes thus – if you had $100 million dollars sitting in a $70 safe and you do not have a way to recover your money, it will not matter on how much you spend on the safe, recovering your money is the most important. Data recovery is advised when the value of the data is worth more than the cost of recovery.

Data Recovery Costs

On Average, you get charged between $400 and $700 for a logical hard drive recovery from a reliable data recovery company. A logical recovery is where there is damage to a partition table or file system and the data is inaccessible. This can be as result of virus attack, electrical issues, accidental format, etc. In some instance, it can be as result of physical issues with the drive in question most especially if the drive has degrading or weak write/read heads. You can perform a logical recovery without making repairs on the drive to recover your data.

Physical recovery on drives can be costly, but this factor is also determined on who is contacted for the job. A physical recovery requires the drive to go through some sort of repairs before data recovery commences. In some instance, the physical recovery of the drive involves the swapping of the write/read heads, transplanting the platters or repairing the electronics. You are guaranteed will find a handful of companies that are experienced and skilled at physical recovery. It is important you are aware that for one excellent company for your data recovery because there are over 10 dozen of companies that will do more damage to your data than you expect.