Usually, when people think of Singapore real estate, they think of massive condominium complexes.  I  really can’t say I blame them because the best pieces of Singaporean real estate really take the form of these condominium complexes.

If you think about it, the economy of scale is there.  The developers have all the incentives to deliver the latest and greatest in Southeast Asian architecture and design excellence.  You get a total package.  You’re not just getting hyped.  You’re not just buying because you saw a nice,  a glossy brochure that said the right words.

This is the real deal.  Developers in the highly competitive Singapore real estate know what they are doing.  They know what works.  They know what the real value is and are expected to deliver that value to their buyers.

This is why you can’t really get caught up in your Twin View Price sheets.  Twin View condominiums is one of the best kind of condominium complexes in Singapore.  Hands down!  Seriously, ask around and will tell you the same thing.  This is the solid value.

Unfortunately, a lot of people look at the Twin View Price and have second thoughts.  They think that they are paying too much.  Well, you only need to understand that Singapore is one of the hottest real estate locations in all of Southeast Asia.  Since there are so many multi-national companies locating

there, starting up their offices and sending their people there, you can bet that when you buy a unit,  it’s going phase out very quickly.

In fact, a lot of leasing and property management companies have long waiting lists.  This is not an accident.  This is not some random happening.  This is a reality that is explained by the fact that  Singapore is a hot commercial real estate destination.  Your Twin View Price, as seemingly high as it

maybe at first, may well turn out as an amazing bargain.

In fact, don’t be surprised if you get your money back in no time flat because of the sky-high rent.   People are ready, willing, and eager to pay for top quality.  So do yourself a big favor and look for the real estate brand, appeal, and style that lie behind that Twin View Price.  That’s how you can get a realistic assessment of the real value you are getting.

Don’t ever confuse price with value because ultimately, it is a value that will make you wealthy.  It is the value that will give you comfort and convenience.  It’s not necessarily the price.  You can buy something for dirt cheap and it will remain dirt cheap because people won’t lease it.  What will happen to you 5 years from now?  You will just have wasted your money.

Focus on what personal appeal, branding, and overall commercial value there is embodied in a Twin View unit’s price.  This is the best way to size it up.  Otherwise, you’re just basically letting your fears get the better of you.  You’re basically equating value with price.  Talk about a dead end.  Take about the wrong way to make a real estate decision.

Make no mistake about it, real estate is all about investment.  You have not only pay attention to the price now but also look at short-term, mid-term and long-term value.  That’s how you would be able to realistically size up the investment potential of any asset opportunity.